Opportunity for ALL


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The Democrats have appropriated some very “positive sounding” words to brand their party; today, the party is synonymous with words like: “Liberal”, “Progressive”, “Pro-Choice”, and “Social Justice” and "Sanctuary Cites".  Conservatives should instead replace these words with more accurate descriptors, like "Regressive", "Illiberal", "Anti-Life", "Social Tyranny" and "Seditious Cities".

Republicans have not used words and messaging to their advantage nearly as well as their counterparts. “Conservative” is our word and identity, and the Left has maligned the image of conservatives to be constituted by "older white men, affluent, stuck in the past, bigoted, out of touch". ( Not true of course, but this is how the illiberal media portrays Republicans today nonetheless). Conservatives must do a much better job using words to communicate our message of freedom, liberty and prosperity for all.

As an example, while conservatives should all support the civil rights of our fellow citizens regardless of background, beliefs or lifestyles, including gay, lesbian and bisexual people, the label "LBGTQ" represents the Left's identity politics of division.  We should instead use "NTL" - for non-traditional lifestyle - which supports people of different lifestyle choices without the illiberal identity politics narrative.  We get to frame the conversation the right way and on our terms with "NTL" vs the Left's "LBGTQ".

OPPORTUNITY is the primary word that we must “own” as conservatives, that will powerfully portray us as the Party of Opportunity – personal, economic, social, educational, and national opportunity. It’s time to get the “OLD” out of the Grand Old Party and replace it with “Opportunity”!   And, it's time to label regressive Democrats properly as the Anti-Opportunity Party.


We all can recognize the most popular brands in the world, and the power of logos to communicate a clear message, image, feeling and meaning. The Nike Swoosh, the most iconic logo of all time, implies movement and speed.  The Apple logo is recognized everywhere, inspired by Sir Issac Newton’s discovery of gravity.  And, much to a conservative’s chagrin, Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign logo of “hope” was a huge success.

Today, the GOP brand is the Republican elephant.  Other than being invented by a political cartoonist in 1874, it has little known meaning – except in a largely negative, lumbering sense. Like popular product logos, the GOP needs a brand icon that is as universally recognizable and effectively communicates our conservative values and message. Enter the OPPORTUNITY STAR.

The five-point star was introduced for the flag of the United States in 1777, and the encircled star has been used to symbolize infinity and protection.  It has also been used widely by the US Military, most notably by the US Air Force which has used variations of this symbol since 1919.

The OPPORTUNITY STAR: Five Points of Opportunity (from top down clockwise) in the American colors of red, white & blue.

Personal Opportunity.  Representing life, liberty, the pursuit
of happiness & our Constitutional freedoms - this sits atop as all other opportunity in America depends on this ideal
Economic Opportunity. Jobs, lower taxes, free & fair trade, decreased regulations, pro-business government agenda
Social Opportunity.  Civil rights & equal rights for all races, NTLs, religious beliefs; Safety net for the most vulnerable
Educational Opportunity. School choice, pro-America curriculum, free speech on campus, affordable tuition costs
National Opportunity. Securing our citizens’ safety via US Military readiness, secure borders, environmental protections