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Are You a Proud Conservative? It's time to be #ConservativeProud. Join the Movement!

Are you a conservative in America who is sick and tired of being attacked and silenced by the Left?  Have you had it with being labeled every shade of intolerance with zero evidence to back it up, from bigot, racist, and white supremacist to homophobe, Nazi and worse, just for standing up for your American values?  Have you had enough of persecution by people emboldened by their misguided sense of liberal entitlement?

No more will we take the brazen intolerance of the hateful Left, and no more will we be told to sit down and shut up in our places of work, houses of worship, our schools or our country.  Watch GOUSA founder John Paul's video message below.


 #ConservativeProud by John Paul, Founder & CEO, GOUSA

We are #ConservativeProud.  This movement is for all of us who have had enough and want to stand up, be bold and proud conservatives, and who believe in basic American principles of limited government, our Constitutional liberties, free markets, free people, and Opportunity for All.   If we conservatives do not find a way to unite and stand up to the regressive mob, we will soon become a permanent minority in America.  And, the free country we love will be lost forever.

We invite conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists, classic liberals and free thinking people everywhere who support our values to join us. Everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender or lifestyle is encouraged to be a part of this movement - the Left does not own you because of your identity, and conservative values help everyone in America. Come out and stand together to save our republic!

Tell us your story!   Create your own video, and tell us your story about why you are a proud conservative, and the intolerance you've faced from the regressive Left.  Or, just tell us your story of "breaking out of the conservative closet".  Please include the hashtag #ConservativeProud, and be sure to share and like our video!

You can also share your thoughts and story on our GOUSA Facebook at: , email us your video link at: info @ ,  and find us in social media @GrandOUSA


Every month of October is now #ConservativeProud Month!   If you are an American who shares our conservative values and principles of Opportunity for All, and stands against all forms of bigotry, racism, hate and tyranny, then we'd love for you to participate with millions of other patriots in #ConservativeProud events happening through the month of October. 

Be sure to show your American colors and be an open, bold, loud and proud conservative every day in October!

  • Every day of the month, wear something red, white and blue, in your clothing or just by wearing a #ConservativeProud ribbon, pin or T-shirt (coming soon), to let the world know your principles and that we will not be silenced.

  • If you are part of an organization and wish to participate by hosting your own co-branded #ConservativeProud event, march, protest, or conference for a cause you support, please contact us at info @    we'd love to have you join the movement to show a united front!   Any and all conservative causes are welcome.

  • The second Friday of October is #ConservativeProud Stand Up Day.  This year, the date is Friday, October 11. The Left wants us to sit down and shut up.  We will instead stand up and speak out!  Wherever you are, at school, work, or in public, be sure to stand up in honor of your American principles at 12 noon in your time zone, and proudly recite the Pledget of Allegiance and the Preamble of the Consitution out loud, together with your fellow conservatives - or own your own.  Go all the way by standing up and reciting the full text of the US Constitution to everyone near you, and let's convert more to the Right side!

  • The second Sunday of October is #ConservativeProud Day.  This year, the date is Sunday, October 13.  While every day of the month will be celebrating our conservative principles, this second Sunday of the month is the big day for the movement.  More details to follow soon on the coming events.