Opportunity for ALL


A 501(C)4 Non Profit Organization


We are a group of concerned Americans from various walks of life and from different parts of the country, coast to coast from Orange County, CA to Boston, MA.

We believe that unless we can find a way to unite our nation around a common set of American values and principles of OPPORTUNTY, we face a very uncertain future.  That's why we are promoting a new message and brand for the GOP - taking the "Old" out of the Grand Old Party and becoming the new "Grand OPPORTUNITY Party".
The political future of our country will soon be in the hands of the Millennial generation, along with a growing number of diverse groups who must be wholly included in the political process to share in the American dream of freedom and prosperity.

While the Left seeks to continually expand government power over the people with their Anti-Opportunity policies, our goal at GOUSA is to promote true principles of OPPORTUNITY - personal, economic, educational, social, and national - for ALL Americans.
  1. John Paul
    Founder & CEO
    Author, Activist, Marketing Pro, Entrepreneur, Dedicated to Prosperity and Freedom for ALL Americans
  2. Geoff Levesque
    Activist, Entrepreneur, Maker of Happenings